Document Lists

Completing your online application will always give you a more thorough list of the documents required, but click on the two buttons below for what's typically needed.

Helpful Tips Regarding Your Loan Documents

-Upload all of your documents into your secured loan portal

-Always try to upload your full .pdf bank statements -  go to the 'Statements' section of your online banking 

-Underwriting will not except screenshots of your cell phone or pictures of your computer screen

-Electronic copies of documents uploaded are preferred by underwriting, scanned or faxed documents are a close second, then mailed copies if that's the only option

-Make sure all documents are complete, underwriting will not except statements with page 6 of 6 missing, even if there isn't anything important on page 6 of 6

-Upload all of your documents at the same time - if there are any documents that will take more time to get just let us know